Why Do I Get Cavities?

When the enamel coating of your tooth is damaged the structure of the tooth underneath is exposed to bacteria in your mouth. You can get a bacterial infection that may progress deep into the tooth.

How do you stop enamel damage? Hard foods, chewing on ice or an accident can chip or crack your tooth. Advanced Dental can repair your tooth and prevent further damage.

Your enamel can be damaged by a buildup of plaque. Bacteria coat your teeth every day forming plaque. The plaque bacteria live off your food, producing acid which damages your enamel. If you eat sugar on top of that, the plaque bacteria go into overdrive, producing even more acid.

Your protective enamel layer can be damaged by acidic food that remains around your teeth for extended periods of time. Some acidic foods include wine, soft drinks, citrus, vinegar, and tomatoes.

You can work to prevent cavities by avoiding foods that can chip your teeth, brushing and flossing twice a day, avoiding sugar and acidic food, chewing sugarless gum, and having regular dental cleanings. Read more…link to Cleaning/check up page.

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