Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Always use a toothpaste that has the “ADA”(American Dental Association) approved symbol. Crest ProHealth has a good ADA rating and is one of the least abrasive to tooth enamel, with a safe level of protective fluoride.

Toothpaste varies in level of abrasiveness, whether or not it contains fluoride, and the effect on sensitive teeth or gums. If a paste is too abrasive, your tooth enamel can be damaged. Fluoride in toothpaste acts as a temporary, thin coating on your enamel protecting it from acids in your mouth. Additives to some pastes can irritate sensitive gums

As part of Advanced Dental Center’s routine dental care visit, we assess your situation, the strength of your enamel and health of your gums and discuss toothpaste recommendations specifically for you. Read more..link to cleaning/check
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