Managing Stress for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Feeling Stressed Out? We know stress causes headaches, stomach problems and even worse issues! Did you know that stress can harm your oral health, too?

Grinding While Sleeping. Highly stressed people often grind their teeth while they sleep. Grinding can cause jaw pain and damage tooth enamel and structure.

There is a solution! A custom-fitted nightguard prevents grinding. The nightguard can also relieve jaw pain that often results from grinding and clenching.

“No Time”/”Too Tired” Excuses. Stress increases when there’s too much to do and too little time. The time crunch leads some people to skip healthy activities like exercise and routine oral hygiene.

Switching to an electric toothbrush could address time concerns! An electric toothbrush can do an amazing cleaning job for you in 2 minutes or less, with little effort. That clean mouth feeling is a daily reward!

Your Immune System and Bacteria Build Up. A high stress life can lead to other problems in your mouth. People report chronic canker sores, cold sores and bleeding gums when stressed. Stress puts an increased demand on your immune system making it hard to do the normal job of fighting off bad bacteria and infections.

You can boost your immune system by committing to a balanced diet, vitamins, exercise and enough sleep. Some people practice relaxation techniques with yoga, deep breathing and meditation to manage stress and boost immunity.

Saliva is Important. Saliva washes out the food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Anxiety and some medications can cause dry mouth, an unpleasant and potentially unhealthy condition.

It’s often impractical to brush your teeth during the day. To help with dry mouth and oral hygiene, try rinsing your mouth during the day with mouthwash or even just water to flush out food particles and bacteria. Sugar free gum loosens food particles and increases saliva production. Drinking plenty of water is important.

Prevention CheckUps and Cleaning. Making time for routine cleaning and checkups helps catch small problems before they become expensive procedures. Practicing good oral hygiene can help manage stress.

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