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Lowcountry Dental Associates

Lowcountry Dental Associates has an experienced, friendly staff that can answer your questions about insurance and financing for any dental procedures.

Lowcountry Dental Associates Payment Policy

Prepay Discount Courtesy (for fees over $1,500)–prepayment discount courtesy of 5% will be subtracted from the total patient obligation (not from any portion due from insurance company) if the patient obligation is paid in full prior to the first treatment visit.

All Payment is Due at Time of Service–Major services such as crowns, dentures, etc. can be split into the number of appointments.

Credit Care Finance Company

We offer personal financing through an outside Credit Care finance company for your convenience. Please let us know if you would like to utilize this service.

Forms of Patient Payment and Balances Due

Lowcountry Dental Associates accepts payments from any of the following (including any combination thereof): Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Money Order, Personal Checks, or one of our outside financing options. Balances over 90 days will incur a finance charge of 18% APR.

Insurance Payments

It is our pleasure to assist you in maximizing your insurance benefit by completing your claim forms. If your carrier is up to date (in over 70% of the cases), the claims will be transmitted via computer modem before the end of the treatment day! Please understand that this is only an estimate, and is based upon the information available to us.

The range of benefits depends solely on what your employer wishes to purchase. Some plans cover as little as 30% or as much as 100% of dental services, with most falling in the 40% to 80% range.

Some plans base the amount of benefit on a schedule of fees arbitrarily developed by insurance companies. For this reason, you may receive a lower percentage than the reimbursement level indicated in your dental plan. For example, if you plan states that it will pay 80% of the cost of a specific treatment, it means 80% of the fee arbitrarily determined by the insurance company and not the actual fee charged by our office. The financial obligation for dental treatment is between you and our office, The insurance company is responsible to you, and not to our office. We will assist you in any way that we can (including our brand new high tech “electronic claims submission”). Once your carrier has paid the claim, any difference will be due upon receipt of our statement. If for any reason, we have not received your insurance carrier’s payment 90 days after the claim, the remaining balance will be due and payable by you.

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