Cleaning & CheckUp Appointments

Preventive Dental Care

Lowcountry Dental Associates is your partner for a lifetime of strong teeth and healthy gums. We offer a cleaning/checkup appointment every 6 months. Our friendly, professional staff removes plaque and tartar and polishes your teeth. We take time to answer your questions and give you the most up-to-date information about best practices, products and strategies for each family member’s best oral health.

Prevention is key for lifetime dental health. Your commitment to getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet is very important. When you commit to regular checkups every 6 months, and twice daily brushing and flossing you greatly reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Our Lowcountry Dental checkups include a comfortable cleaning, a professional examination of your teeth and gum health, oral cancer screening, answering your questions, and giving you our recommendations for follow up. We are committed to excellent lifetime dental health for you and your family.

Healthy Gums

Healthy gums are essential for healthy teeth. During your routine checkup we always evaluate your gums, and offer assistance as needed. If you experience any early signs of gum problems like bleeding and inflammation between checkups, please give us a call. Catching problems early is key to success!

Pediatric Dentistry

Schedule your children for a developmental checkup around age three, or earlier if you have concerns. We look at growth patterns, oral health, and jaw alignment. Our approach is kid-friendly and welcoming, while encouraging proper brushing and flossing. Sometimes the initial visit simply allows your child an opportunity to feel comfortable in our office, and for you to ask questions about your child’s oral health and development.

Your Smile Team

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