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Our office provides a full range of restorative, aesthetic and reconstructive services. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease and educating our patients on the value of good oral health.


Porcelain veneers correct a vast array of aesthetic shortcomings. Veneers are much like the facing on a fine cabinet or a fingernail applied by a manicurist. They are thin shells of porcelain applied to the outside of a tooth to change size, shape, color or alignment. They are strong, durable and offer the most esthetic solution to many cosmetic problems. Often treatment is completed in 2 or 3 visits. Some call veneers "instant orthodontics," the effect is so dramatic. Between us, we'll discover your concerns and design a solution that's best for you.

Whiter Teeth

Many of our patients voice their concern about darkening teeth, perhaps because of aging, smoking, coffee or medications. Whitening teeth is a straightforward procedure to brighten your smile - relatively inexpensive, quick and safe. We custom design mouth tray, then get you started in the office showing you how to use the whitening gel. You take home the tray and whitening kit and lighten your teeth at home. Improvement is usually seen in 10 to 14 days. You'll notice a difference in no time - and so will everyone else.

Onlays and Crowns

It is now possible to use tooth-colored materials to restore teeth instead of silver fillings that were once used. These newer composite and porcelain materials are similar to natural tooth enamel, are wear resistant, and restore teeth to their original appearance. Porcelain onlays and crown not only bond to the tooth structure strengthening the teeth and making them more resistant to fracture, but also cosmetically blend into the existing tooth enamel. Usually treatment is more conservative because less tooth structure needs to be removed.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Strong synthetic resins are bonded to the teeth to fill small cavities and fix chips beautifully. Tooth-colored fillings also known as 'bonding' are strong and durable. They restore teeth to their original natural appearance.

Periodontal Assessment

The most beautiful smile won't endure unless the supporting gum tissues are healthy. Gum tissue that is pink and firm helps keep your teeth strong, insuring the best possible long-term result. A thorough periodontal assessment is a key part of an oral health evaluation. It helps us determine the condition of the underlying foundation before any dental care is initiated. Unhealthy gums will not support healthy teeth. Should problem areas be discovered, appropriate treatment will be recommended.


The TMJ (short for temporomandibular joint) is the hinge that attaches the jaw to the skull. Often times, the bite becomes unbalanced and goes out of alignment, like the wheel on a car. Signs of misalignment include broken teeth, excessive tooth wear, loose teeth, facial muscles that hurt and TM joints that click or pop. TMJ disorders can often be treated by relaxing the muscles and realigning the bite. Establishing joint harmony and comfort will insure the best possible long-term aesthetic result.


A remarkable advancement in dental science, implants are permanent restorations anchored in the jaw, used to replace missing teeth. They can replace a single missing tooth or fully restore a segment where multiple teeth are missing. They are an attractive alternative to more traditional removable appliances, providing greater stability and security and giving the patient the natural feeling of their own teeth.

It's Your Choice

Any number of these features can be combined to create a plan that's best for you. This is our concept of comprehensive care. We consider your health, your appearance and your personal goals. Once we've had the opportunity to examine you and discuss your concerns, we'll give you all the information you need to make a decision that's comfortable for you. Together, we'll create a care plan that will keep you looking and feeling your best.




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