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Are X-Rays And Fillings Safe?

Advanced Dental Center uses only digital x-rays, not the older film technology. Digital x-rays minimize radiation, keeping our patients and staff safe. We also use laser diagnostics. Silver [...]

How Do I Keep My Gums Healthy?

Healthy gums are firm and pink and essential support for healthy teeth. A healthy lifestyle is important for healthy gums…getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, not smoking, and [...]

Why Do I Get Cavities?

When the enamel coating of your tooth is damaged the structure of the tooth underneath is exposed to bacteria in your mouth. You can get a bacterial infection that may progress deep into the [...]

What Is The Treatment For Bad Breath?

To treat bad breath, it’s necessary to identify the causes. Bad breath can be a symptom of insufficient oral hygiene, an infection or cavity, gum disease, or worse case scenario, a symptom [...]

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

Whitening your teeth removes existing stains from your enamel. Safe whitening is a 2 week process of gradually removing stains from your teeth enamel. Using harsh abrasives for quick results can [...]

Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Always use a toothpaste that has the “ADA”(American Dental Association) approved symbol. Crest ProHealth has a good ADA rating and is one of the least abrasive to tooth enamel, with a safe level [...]

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